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           Health Guarantee as Follows:

  • We sell animals that are healthy at the time of transfer
  • We will not feel any responsibility for the health of an animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a Vet’s official statement that the animal in question had a condition prior to transfer.
  • The risk of loss transfers to new owners once the animal leaves our farm.


What will my new babies have had as far as health care?

  • The dams of kids are vaccinated 14 days prior to kidding with CDT, that is for clostridium and Tetnus.
  • At two weeks old they are dehorned, & givin a CDT.
  • At 6 weeks old they get another CDT shot, and are wormed & tattooed.
  • They have been fed good quality grass hay free choice and eat feed with their mothers.
  • We do not “Pre Treat” for coccidiosis, but do reccomend that the new owners treat for it if it becomes a problem. All goats carry this, and stress can bring it about.
  • It is common for shipped kids get “shipping Fever” after arriving in their new home, due to stress, etc, Always watch your new arrivals for runny noses & eyes, & loose stools.



All website content & photos copyright © 2018 Robbins Farms All Rights Reserved