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 I’m a full time Librarian, my husband is a full time cattle farmer, our daughter Christal was born with a lung disease she has a house on the farm near us, she is home most always, so needless to say all of the animals are very spoiled they get a lot of attention from all of us especially Christal throughout the day. We have a son who’s been in the Navy for 14 yrs. with a wife and beautiful little boy.
We own 100 + acres, we have been farming for over 25 yrs. it’s been a very rewarding way of life, we all have a big love for animals. My daughter and I really have a love for the small animals, so when the opportunity presented itself to purchase some Reg. Nigerian Dwarf Goats, it was a no brainer for us  we have a very good local vet that is there to help us in any way we need him too.  We are so excited about our new little 4-legged friends, and look forward to the new adventure and new babies to spoil and people to meet.



Melanie, Randy & Christal Robbins
Unionville, MO 63565 

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