DOB: April 18, 2013 

This beautiful boy is "Prairie Wood Moon Shine" aka "Moonshine", he's a beautiful
Black - Moonspoted buck.  We got him from Lora in New Mexico
you can go on their website to see his parents.  We are totally in love with Moonshine,
he's got a very sweet personality who loves to be loved on and have his head scratched and of
course he loves his treats.  He may be a daddy this spring, time will tell :-) Moon Shine has
turned out to be a very handsome buck, we only had him breed one doe last year
that was Heidi, however this coming breeding season he will be paired with 4 does.
Moon Shine is also our baby, he loves to be loved on, even though he stinks like
a buck, we still have to love on him :-)


Gr. Sire MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue *B    Gr. Sire MCH Everwood The Gambler
Sire Little Tot's Estate Leopard *B      Dam Prairie Wood Playday
Gr. Dam CH Rosasharn's TL Ukulele 3 *M      Gr. Dam Prairie Wood Player *D (1*M)



Melanie, Randy & Christal Robbins
Unionville, MO 63565 

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